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The Dominican Republic's beaches and the warm, green-blue water that laps at its shores need little introduction, other than to say that yes – they're stunning. You could spend every single day of your trip on a different, equally pristine beach and not get bored. Indeed, many visitors to the island choose to do exactly that, only taking a break from the sea and sand to pick up a cocktail from a resort bar or informal shack. The allure of the Dominican Republic does not stop at its beaches, bays, and inlets, however. This is a country with an interior that's every bit as beautiful as its coastal areas, featuring towering mountains, dense forests and plunging waterfalls that are best discovered on a jungle trek or while white water rafting. The gas stations, car washes, and corner stores that double up as neighborhood hangouts might not be so obviously beautiful, but popping by for a beer and a dance is just one of the many small, simple joys to be had in the Dominican Republic. This is, after all, a life-loving, passionately musical country, with the energetic beat of merengue or bachata music often in earshot, particularly in the historic capital, Santo Domingo, or elegant Puerto Plata. Plan ahead if you want your trip the Dominican Republic to coincide with the annual Carnival, or go with the flow and just allow yourself to stumble across a party once you get there. You'll find one pretty quickly.

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