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Few island nations can boast such stunning scenery, and even fewer so proud a musical heritage, as Jamaica. Considering it's relatively small size, this is a country that punches well above its weight, from Bob Marley and Usain Bolt to reggae, ragga, and jerk seasoning. You can hike through forests, mountains, and banana groves one day and do not very much at all on a spotless, unspoiled beach the next. The question is: which beach? You'll find some of the finest on the northern side of Jamaica and particularly around Montego Bay, where the open-air restaurants, golf courses, and luxury resorts prove popular with many visitors to the island. For a more authentic vibe, check out Hellshire Beach, where you'll be downing cans of Red Stripe and tucking into some freshly fried fish alongside local Kingstonians. You might also hear some reggae blasting out of mobile sound system at the beach; music permeates throughout Jamaica, particularly reggae and especially in Kingston. Roam the palm-tree lined streets of country's charismatic capital, before setting off for Blue Mountain Peak and yet more beaches, stopping for jerk chicken from a roadside hut along the way. Jamaica is just beautiful, and in any number of ways.

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