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You roll the dice. The ‘Go’ tile and a guaranteed £200 are agonizingly close. But you end up one tile short and instead find yourself handing over at least £50 to a rival landlord. You’ve landed on Mayfair, the most expensive property in the UK edition of Monopoly. Famous for its luxurious hotels and high-end fashion boutiques, which include the tailors of Saville Row, Mayfair doesn't shirk away from its reputation as one of London's most exclusive neighborhoods. The fanciest of hotels, the most opulent of department stores, the Michelin-starred restaurants, Marble Arch, Grosvenor Square – you'll find London at its sophisticated best in Mayfair. Nearby Marylebone is every bit as refined as its neighbor but perhaps doesn't show it off so blatantly. Join other amateur sleuths on Baker Street and visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, before popping into Regent's Park and having a cup of tea next to the Boating Lake.

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